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“He’s excellent in the conceptual stages and is able to execute beautifully as well. My team really enjoyed brainstorming different projects with him and felt that he was not only strong in design, but writing and proofreading as well.”    Vanessa Zambo Principal, Director of Marketing and Communications / Terracon

“John is a dedicated art director who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Even if it means working until the wee hours of the morning, taking on extra duties or constantly reworking a concept until it's just right. He has the award-winning work and battle scars to prove it.”    Kevin Fullerton Principal / Springboard Creative

“I always knew I could count on Stick to come through with several great options to present. He’s very thorough, and would do whatever was needed to get a job completed on time. His strong work ethic coupled with the desire to perfect everything he creates, makes him an incredible asset.”    Scott Williams Group Account Director / The Integer Group

“He offers something you don’t often find with most art directors — a unique combination of creativity and logic. He can develop stellar, strategic-based design work, all the while ensuring timelines are met, processes are followed and budgets are maintained. He’s a very strong communicator and his commitment to hard work and quality results makes him a big asset.”    Randy Freese VP, Director of Marketing / Pioneer Services, A Division of MidCountry Bank

“Stick is an art director/designer you can count on day in and day out. He brings the same dedication to excellence and attention to detail to every assignment, no matter the size.”    Daniel Buchheit Sr. Copywriter / BKV

“I recommend him as someone who always keeps a level head in the face of short deadlines and the chaos that sometimes is a part of this industry.”    Linda Monslow President / PathFinder Consultants

“John is definitely the most organized, detail-oriented, hard-working AD I’ve seen. He has a unique talent for bringing accuracy, consistency and quality work to every piece he crafts.”    Silvia Lunazzi Baldi Sr. Art Director / Freelancer